Sunday, May 2, 2010

The New Deal

In order to keep my blogging (and culinary) momentum, I have come up with a new accountability plan... Every Sunday I will post my weekly menu, and then check in throughout the week to report on the triumphs, disasters, and/or otherwise humorous commentary :) Three meals a day, all from scratch, no excuses!

poached eggs on hash
picnic at the park heart shaped PB&Js with fruit salad and juice boxes
sesame chicken with rice
dessert lemonade pops

mini waffle pancakes with berries and cream
fresh mozzarella sandwiches with fried eggs and anchovy butter
falafel with tahini sauce
dessert very vanilla ice cream with toasted coconut

scrambled eggs with parmesan and rosemary
3 meats and pickle panini
children's dinner cheddar chicken and broccoli casserole

bacon, apple, and stilton omelets with apple berry muffins
chicken nuggets with creamed corn
spaghetti and vegetables carbonara style
dessert milk chocolate cake

maple granola with yogurt
Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce
out to dinner : )

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