Monday, May 10, 2010

Better Late Than Never....

OK, well, in my defense, I AM trying to chase a lot of rabbits.... between parenting, chefing, attending to all manner of domestic duties (I am admittedly OCD, and everything MUST be clean and tidy at all times), homeschool lessons for Isabella and Josephine, and the ever necessary husband/wife evening time, I'm finding I have definitely not scheduled in enough time to actually write about all of these said activities (are there actually enough hours in a day?). I am determined however, that this will get easier. To sum up, last week went relatively smooth... The biggest blunder being a batch of homemade mayonnaise that I absentmindedly mixed in the blender (I must of had Hollandaise on my mind), instead of the food processor, wasting about 6 dollars worth of premium olive and canola oils in the process. The family favorite of the week would be be awarded to the Bacon, Apple & Stilton Omelet that was our Friday morning breakfast.... very rarely does my husband make overtly obnoxious yummy noises so I took this as an excellent sign!
As for Mother's Day on Sunday, it was delectable, as any Mother's Day should be. I hosted a small brunch for my mother, my cousin Cristin and her son Jayden, and of course my family. I prepared my first soufflé- it consisted of mushrooms, herbs, and cheese, with cinnamon/thyme/apple and potato latkes and my ultimate buttermilk biscuits (my mom's FAVORITE). The latkes were alright, the biscuits were as usual, but the soufflé was enough to bring tears (and, no I'm not kidding). It was not terribly difficult to prepare, and seeing the risen beauty of it as I took the preparation out from the oven was akin to watching my one of my children take their first step. Oh, and it tasted flipping fantastic. The most lovely aspect of the table, however, was that I used my great-grandmother's Haviland china for the first time since inheriting it last year. It is pre-WWI, hand painted, and edged in 24 karat gold... In short, the type of thing most people would never use- EVER! But why? It is so wasteful for couples to register for china, only to have it sit in a cupboard unused, and bring out chinette and plastic ware at parties- I DON"T GET IT! I also have my grandmother's china from the 50's that I pull out ANY time we are having company of any kind for dinner, the only exception is if we are grilling out. Anyway, I digress... more on that topic later...

The menu for this week is as follows:

blueberry buttermilk pancakes with banana yogurt
bowtie pasta with ratatouille puree
out to dinner

eggs baked in polenta casserole
lunch 'o' leftovers- mexican from last nights dinner
classic chicken parmesan
dessert chocolate soufflé

my ultimate buttermilk biscuits with pineapple banana smoothies
mushroom, onion, and bacon, quiche
chili cheese dogs, gourmet style
dessert homemade blueberry pie with my 'very vanilla' ice cream

cinnamon bun stuffed pancakes
lunch 'o' leftovers - quiche
whole roasted African spiced chicken with green olive sauce and apricot herb couscous
dessert baked butterscotch puddings

cheddar scrambled eggs in tortillas with tomato avocado salsa
New Mexico pork posole
Mama's night out!

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