Monday, May 17, 2010

The Weekly Menu No.2

oatmeal with apples and raisins
lunch 'o' leftovers- veggie soup
Mexican Night chicken flautas with queso, cheese & onion enchiladas, texmex rice and charro beans
dessert very vanilla ice cream and salted carmel parfaits

sweet popover pancake with strawberries
easy korean bbq with rice and broccoli
croque monsieur with caesar salad
dessert peach and blueberry crostata

eggs benedict
chicken and white bean chili
whole wheat linguini with hericots verts, ricotta, and lemon
dessert chocolate striped pudding cups

herbed baked eggs with buttery toast
peanut butter, banana, and honey sammies friend in butter
Pizza Night homemade dough topped with 1) mozzarella di bufala, sweet italian sausage, fresh tomatoes, and torn basil 2) roasted mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese
dessert best ever brownies

granola with plain yogurt and orange blossom honey
lunch 'o' leftovers- homemade pizza
scallops provencal with a vegetable tian
cour la creme with raspberries

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  1. Last Friday evening's dinner was to be my crowning glory of the week... scallops provençal, vegetable tian, and the much anticipated cour la creme- a french dessert that is composed of cream, cream cheese, sugar, lemon, and vanilla, placed in a special heart shaped mold which allows all of the moisture to drain off as it rests in the fridge overnight, and served with a luscious raspberry sauce. It didn't happen due to a scheduling oversight... I promised my daughter's I would take them to the local arts 'vegetable' (that is festival in baby speak) and I, of course, opted to make some fun summer memories with my children (and no, incase you were wondering, we did not partake in festival 'food'!).