Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Laundry Mountain

A mother's work is never done.... never was there a more true statement, especially where the task of laundry is concerned. I blame the laundry basket. Three young children, two adults, and one moderately sized laundry basket add up to a mountain of clothing in my hallway that would make even Tenzing Norgay feel slightly timid. I dream of a proper laundry room.... with separate baskets for whites, colors, and darks, a hanging rack, and, perhaps, a fold down ironing board. It is amazing, and a little frightening, how dreams change (don't get me started on my 'gift wrapping room' dream)! As it is though, to keep everything running smoothly, and to ensure my guests safe passage through my hallway, I must do laundry day in and day out. Sorting, washing, fluffing, folding, and, oh God, the putting away- that is the worst part. It is by choice, however, that I battle this mountain alone. If I hear my husband so much as open the washing machine lid, I jump up in a panic. NO ONE is allowed to do laundry but me.... They just wont do it right. Water level, temperature settings, accurate soap disbursement, fabric softener timing, not to mention proper removal from the dryer for maximum minimization of wrinkles- it is all a delicate balance, a symphony if you will, and can not be orchestrated by just anyone. So, I suppose, it's a choice I've made, and perhaps, juuuuust maybe, I should rethink this policy.... It's lonely at the top (of laundry mountain).

Jenna's Laundry Picks

- Bio-Kleen laundry products are AMAZING. They are incredibly eco-conscience and get rid of even the worst laundry odors (a boon to cloth diaperers everywhere!). The all purpose stain remover is great for both clothes AND carpet.

- Downy 'April Fresh' fabric softener is admittedly one of the least natural products available, but it smells like my dad, and sometimes childhood memories trump all. : )

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