Friday, September 3, 2010

Scrap Soup

You know the feeling. You are in the kitchen, getting distracted and flustered. Children at your feet, in the way, asking questions, wanting to help, when all you want to do is get dinner out on the table- fast (or at least faster). Enter "Scrap Soup", the best accidental in(ter)vetnion EVER. It started simply, with a pot and spoon I gave to the baby to keep him entertained on the kitchen floor. For added interest, I plopped a few ice cubes in the pot, thinking that would be a relatively mess free distraction. Then Isabella
entered and immediately took it to the next level. She began grabbing the scraps from my cutting board until slowly but surly there was nothing left, and Josephine soon followed suit by sneaking a carrot out of the fridge and honing her peeling skills, placing orange strands into the pot. Next came frozen corn kernels, and a pinch of the fresh bread crumbs that I had just made. Knowing that I suffer from the last acceptable level of anxiety before succumbing to medication, one would think that this would add even more chaos, and therefore stress to the kitchen, but not so. I'll admit that while having a mild grade panic attack did enter my mind, I decided it would be much more fun to see where their freedom and inventiveness lead them, despite the bits of onion peel and parsley scattered about. Before I knew it, I had three little chefs sitting on the kitchen tile, completely engrossed in stirring their unique concoction, allowing me to sip my Chardonnay and finish out our meal in relative peace. Isabella proudly announced, "I have named this Isabella's Favorite Soup, and we must keep it in the fridge incase some guests stop by and would like to try it!" It was all I could do to keep a strait face, though the real award goes to my husband who was actually "served" some of this confection. Knowing how deflated she would have been if he'd refused, Wes obliged and dutifully took his bite, with feigned yummy noises and all (though how he actually choked down a parsley stalk and ice cube I'll never know). Watching my children's culinary creativity filled me with such a remarkable sense of pride that I was slightly ashamed by my earlier sense of urgency. What exactly is so terribly important about getting dinner out at a precise time, still steaming hot and plated perfectly, when I am not even entertaining? My kids don't care, it doesn't matter to my husband, but the perfectionist in me frequently keeps me from putting things into perspective. I have to continually remind myself that real life is happening right now, all around us, and every moment is a teachable one (for adults as well apparently), if we pay close enough attention. The trick of course is finding ways to incorporate the imperfections while keeping your sanity intact. That sums up motherhood quite nicely actually. Happy cooking everyone. ;)

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