Monday, July 26, 2010

For The Birds

Pine cones typically conjure up images of Thanksgiving table decorations and winter wreaths and Connecticut, not something found in the heat of a sweltering Texas summer. Though there they were, beautifully scattered alongside the road, and as random as it sounds, I decided they were worth stopping for. I began channeling my inner girl scout (though I never actually was one) for ideas and knew immediately how I would put them to use- Pine Cone Birdfeeders. The girls would love this! So today, I set up the necessaries and let them go to town, slathering their cones with peanut butter (the all natural kind of course- someone should watch out for the birds' health) and rolling them in bird seed. I finished the tops of with some kitchen string and voila, a fun, inexpensive craft project and ecology lesson all in one!

For more step by step photos of the project, please visit the Confections & Confessions page on Facebook!

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