Monday, August 9, 2010

Good Jam and Daddy Starbucks

The musical 'Annie' has become the hands down favorite of my girls at the moment, and it seems that it is being incorporated into every faucet of imaginative play. Funnily enough though, the girls haven't quite mastered the names.... Somehow the character Punjab has been renamed Good Jam, and Daddy Warbucks now answers to Daddy Starbucks. While Good Jam is innocent enough, I was slightly abashed by the fact that my children, whom I am attempting to raise as "brand-free" as possible, are so familiar with the coffee giant. I now see that what began as an innocent emergency trip through the drive thru window a few months back has evolved into nearly daily dashes to get my caffiene fix. I have officially become eveything I see wrong with the world- I am the mom in the big ass Escalade idling in the drive-thu of a chain coffee retailer- Oh. Dear. God. At least I have my reusable Starbucks cup (pictured) to lighten my concience a little, but honestly, it is just so damned convenient! To add insult to injury, Josephine managed to press the OnStar button yesterday "to order a grandé fratticino". I think I need to cut back a little. I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. I totally get this!!

    Have you ever read the book
    "How Did I Get Like This" by Amy Wilson??

    I'm in the process of reading it (which is a long process since I'm super busy) but so far it's so great and so funny and SOOO true!

    Here is a link to an excerpt of the book:

    I love your blog!

  2. I love this! You are hysterical!