Thursday, December 31, 2009

The First Day

I am proud to announce that I have joined the ranks of millions of other semi talented writers and jumped into the blogosphere (hahaha). I am still finding my feet with it so don't be too quick to judge.... today IS my first day. I hope you all will visit and check back often.... I will be making daily entries and posting some great recipes, and should I score a book deal and movie ala Julie and Julia you will all be able to say "you knew me when"!
Had I begun this yesterday, as anticipated, I would be writing about my first attempt at french toast with hot buttered rum maple syrup..... Oh yea, it was GOOD. Unfortunately, at this particular moment, I have no particular parenting wisdom to impart, nor have I just created anything spectacular in the kitchen. What I WOULD like to do is to take on requests... Are there any long lost favorites someone would like me to find the best recipe to or whip up? I am always up for a challenge... though you probably already knew that! : )


  1. I am so excited you have a blog! How wonderful! My neighbor already told you this, but I tried your chocolate cake, once, at her house and I cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed it!! I am very particular about chocolate cakes.. the moistness was SUPERB!!! so my request is.. your yummy chocolate cake. Mm. I am so excited to try some of your recipes!

  2. Give me your best chicken and dumpling recipe. Thin dumplings. Not big fat yucky ones!